Clean hydrogen-as-a-service for industrial application scenarios

Hydrogen Rise takes on a pioneering role in the global transition to a clean hydrogen economy. The company, based in Munich, Germany, supports countries along the global sunbelt in developing an infrastructure for the innovative and cost-effective production and export of green hydrogen, with its main focus on industrial customers. Envisioning a holistic hydrogen economy, Hydrogen Rise focuses on an end-to-end implementation concept based on cooperation with global partners. As such, the company not only coordinates the design, construction and operation of renewable energy plants and hydrogen production systems. Hydrogen Rise also offers storage, energy management and distribution solutions with the aim of providing green hydrogen to end users, supplying clean “Hydrogen as a Service.”®

Hydrogen Rise builds its expertise on the founding members’ professional background and their 20 years of experience in clean hydrogen technologies as well as their clean hydrogen startup experience. Furthermore, cooperations with multiple highly innovative German and international companies as well as joint projects with scientific institutions like Technical University Munich, German University of Technology – GUtech (Muscat) & RWTH Aachen allow Hydrogen Rise to act as a business enabler for local entities in the global sunbelt, strengthening the generation of in-country value.

The fundamental transformation of the energy industry through the energy transition from fossil to renewable energy sources initiates a comprehensive transformation process shaping the hydrogen economy with implications for businesses and society.

Hydrogen Rise AG was founded. Early activities provided an initial impetus for Oman’s hydrogen economy and enabled the company to become a co-creator for the transformation of the country’s energy industry, partnering strategically with the German University of Technology Oman (GUtech).

With the establishment of the “Oman Hydrogen Initiative” supported by the Ministry of Energy & Minerals, Hydrogen Rise laid the foundation to develop a hydrogen export industry in Oman and to attract the necessary expertise to the country.

Together with the Omani Ministry of Energy and Minerals and supported by the German and Japanese governments, Hydrogen Rise hosted the “1st hydrogen symposium” on the Arabian Peninsula, which was described in the trade press as a game changer for the energy industry transformation in Oman.

Hydrogen Rise Oman LLC was established as a joint venture between Hydrogen Rise AG and Oman Educational Services LLC (Muscat).

The “Oman Hydrogen Center” at GUtech was founded to utilize German research and education expertise in building local research and knowledge and to help establish applied research and skill building in Oman with the co-founder support of Hydrogen Rise AG.

Taking a step towards spurring knowledge transfer across countries, Hydrogen Rise participated in the digital summit of regional and global stakeholders in the energy industry in the Middle East and North Africa, MENA Energy Meet.

Hydrogen Rise joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, underpinning the company’s commitment to a clean hydrogen economy.

Together with about 50 other German and Omani companies, Hydrogen Rise participated in the virtual delegation trip organized by the German Chamber of Commerce in Oman under the motto “Renewable Energy Export Initiative.”

Clean Hydrogen is key for the only future

Hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier that can be produced from renewable electricity, avoiding carbon emissions. It can be transported as a liquid or gas at high energy density. Hydrogen can be combusted or used in fuel cells for heat and electricity generation.

Applications of clean hydrogen include (road) transport, shipping and aviation, rail, electricity as well as heating for buildings. Clean hydrogen will replace fossil fuels as a zero-carbon feedstock in chemical and fuel production. Moreover, it allows storage of surplus renewables power. As such, a clean hydrogen economy impacts on several important areas:

  • Politics


    A clean hydrogen economy shapes the implementation of local and global industrial policy and sustainability goals and enables furthermore the continuation of the global energy transition.

  • Industry


    Hydrogen is the key component respecting integrated energies. Clean hydrogen and its downstream products (Power-to-X) open up the decarbonization pathways in areas where electricity from renewables cannot be used directly.

  • Climate


    The establishment of a clean hydrogen economy is the prerequsite to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement as well as the achievement of goals set by national governments and international institutions. This will help reduce the effects of climate change.

Sustainable development of a hydrogen economy - a holistic view in and around green hydrogen production

Local Expertise/ Knowledge development

We support our local partners and universities with competence expertise for the energy transition: academic educations, training of new technologies, research & development, open international corporations and intercultural collaborations.

Water Resources

We follow sustainable industrial water and wastewater management which supports green desalination, protection of water resources and the ocean course. We also take great interest in protecting coastal vegetation.

Clean Hydrogen

We only use renewable energy sources (wind, sun, hydro) for hydrogen production, replacing fossil energy carriers. We support green H2 as a future energy carrier.

Local technology adaption

We localize international standards for operation & security, building & operation of green H2 infrastructure, renewable energy storage & transportation. We call for an energy transition from fossil to renewable.


We focus on clean hydrogen production and pursue a zero C02 emission industry for decarbonisation.

Interlocutors and contact people

CEO Dr.-Ing. Bernd Wiemann and CFO Olav Carlsen will be happy to provide you with background information or an interview on the work of Hydrogen Rise AG, its prospects for a global hydrogen economy and the experience gained from the cooperation in Oman.



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