Hydrogen Rise sets out its vision for a Green Hydrogen economy in Oman

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When Munich-based Hydrogen Rise AG began to focus on Oman in 2018, we did this with a clear vision: To develop a Green Hydrogen Economy in Oman. We strongly believed that green hydrogen would play a leading role in the global energy transition and offer enormous opportunities also to the Sultanate. We also believed early in the significance that green hydrogen is holding to achieve reach Oman’s Vision 2040 goals: The diversification of the national economy and specifically within the energy sector. The creation of plenty new job opportunities for young people in cutting-edge technology fields.

It is reassuring to observe today ́s commitment to the development of a local hydrogen economy by all stakeholders in Oman – in industry, academia and authorities of the highest levels. We see our early vision taking shape. Now the time has come to bring the technology onto the ground and to develop projects that deliver the most relevant immediate goals.

Read the full article by Olav Carlsen in EO Magazine/August 2022: Download Link

(c) Text: Hydrogen Rise AG, Image: Olav Carlsen