Project announcement met with great media response in the Arab region

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The announcement of the agreement between Hydrogen Rise, Jindal Shadeed Iron & Steel and SOHAR Port and Freezone to evaluate the development of the first green hydrogen plant at Sohar has been met with great interest across news outlets in the Arab region and beyond.

In the week after the partners’ announcement of their joint commitment to assessing the potential to produce steel in a completely sustainable manner in order to decarbonize the steel production process at Jindal Shadeed´s steel manufacturing plant, press coverage of the three-party agreement has soared, with news outlets highlighting the potential positive impact that green steel may provide to Oman’s industries.

The proclamation of the cooperation has been picked up by a number of print newspapers as well as online outlets, which reach a pan-Arab, at times even international audience. Coverage in both Arabic as well as English-language media outlets underlines the importance of the partnership on an international scale.

(c) Text: Hydrogen Rise AG, Image: Rafael Juárez