Jens-Rainer Jänig

For over 20 years, Jens-Rainer Jänig has consulted big and medium-sized companies with his communication, brand, marketing and organizational development expertise. He supports top management clients as well as corporate teams within their strategic and transformational challenges.

In 1997, he founded mc-quadrat OHG as a communication consultancy and creative content partner for companies of all size. Jens-Rainer Jänig is still managing partner and head of consulting.

2000 until 2003, he was interim managing partner of KnowledgeTools GmbH. 2002 to 2004, he managed KnowledgeTools International GmbH as interim managing partner.

In 2008, he joined the foundation board of the “Berlinische Galerie” – Museum of modern art, photography and architecture.

In 2009, he was a founding partner of “Die Denkbank”, a boutique-consultancy of honorable senior experts specialized on organizational development and innovation. He left in June 2014 to integrate this field of expertise into mc-quadrat, to strengthen the systemic approach “Communication constitutes organization”

In August 2018, he joined Hydrogen Rise AG as a member of the advisory board.

Besides his executive positions, Jens-Rainer Jänig holds various honorary memberships including:

  • Board member Initiative D21 e.V.
  • Board member Charta digitale Vernetzung e.V.
  • Chairman of the board for friends association of Berlinische Galerie
  • Co-initiator of the first german umbrella organization of the culture development associations e.V.

In 2015, he initiated a broad societal dialogue about corporate digital responsibility (CDR) as a challenge for the digital transformation of societies. He will publish the first international online-magazine focused in Corporate Digital Responsibility in 2019.

As an entrepreneur, Jens-Rainer Jänig beliefs in responsible corporate citizenship. Therefore he supports various social engagements and enables his employees to work intensively for a social project during their worktime.

December 2018