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The energy industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation worldwide. Clean hydrogen is gaining central global significance as a carrier of renewable energies and raw material for the industry. Hydrogen Rise AG is shaping this change towards the hydrogen economy of the future.

(Warming Stripes) – created by Ed Hawkins, licensed under CC-BY 4.0.


Hydrogen Rise AG has created an international starting point for the development of comprehensive concepts and conditions for a hydrogen economy. The focus is now on the development, construction and operation of a future-oriented infrastructure to offer competitive clean hydrogen.


Hydrogen Rise AG produces and supplies clean hydrogen as a reliable industrial supplier – Clean “Hydrogen as a Service“® for industry. The focus is on clean hydrogen for the decarbonization of industrial processes, as raw material for the chemical industry and as energy source for Storage and international transport of renewable energy.


Hydrogen Rise AG focuses on future-oriented systems thinking. We see new competences in technologies, system integration and the economy of clean hydrogen as central success factors. Our aim is to build up these competencies with customers and partners at an early stage. We are already co-initiator and founding partner of the Oman Hydrogen Center (OHC) in Muscat.