Hydrogen Rise AG joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

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Hydrogen Rise AG has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance (https://www.ech2a.eu/) intends to make a significant contribution to achieving the EU’s climate targets through the use of green hydrogen. The alliance aims to achieve an ambitious deployment of climate-friendly hydrogen technologies by 2030.

This includes the production of carbon-free hydrogen using renewable energy, hydrogen transmission, and the application of green hydrogen in industry, mobility, and other sectors. To achieve its goals, the alliance brings together representatives from industry, public authorities and civil society.

By joining the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, Hydrogen Rise AG underpins its commitment to a green/clean hydrogen economy. “The goals of the Alliance align with our corporate vision, which we started with in 2017. A global hydrogen economy is needed. As a Hydrogen-as-a-Service provider, we are committed to the countries from which the EU can source hydrogen in the future,” says CEO Dr.-Ing. Bernd Wiemann on joining.

Participation in the development of an Omani hydrogen economy is currently the focus of Hydrogen Rise AG. This will not only support the decarbonization of industrial processes in Oman. In the long term, the aim is to establish a sustainable hydrogen export economy.


(c) Text: Hydrogen Rise AG, Photo: Guillaume Périgois