Hydrogen Rise at the German-Omani Workshop for Green Hydrogen Demand and Certification

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On June 10th, 2021, Hydrogen Rise AG took part in the German-Omani Workshop organized by Guidehouse and the German Chamber of Commerce in Oman. The overall aim of the workshop, which was attended by high-profile representatives from politics and business, was to shed light on the current state of green hydrogen demand and certification processes in Germany and Oman.

In several of the presentations about the future of green hydrogen in Oman and Germany, Hydrogen Rise was mentioned positively, acknowledging the company’s influential role in the creation process of a green hydrogen economy in Oman.
S. Olav Carlsen, CFO of Hydrogen Rise, was invited to join a panel discussion with representatives from Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), OQ and Linde AG, deliberating what makes Oman so special for green hydrogen production, key challenges for green hydrogen in Oman as well as expectations towards the EU and Oman with respect to certification processes.

H.E. Salim bin Nasser Al Aufi, Undersecretary to the Ministry of Energy and Minerals in Oman, enhanced the discussion by expressing his opinion that a commitment to projects is necessary before issues pertaining to certifications should be addressed in detail. He encouraged the attendants to launch joint German-Omani projects quickly, urging, “Let’s be courageous and make a bold move. Let’s not wait for all the challenges to be solved. Let’s execute projects and learn from them.”

The workshop ended with an outlook on sustainability criteria for green hydrogen in the EU and international monitoring policies needed to ensure the development of certification processes.

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